Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker

Why We Sleep

By Matthew Walker

  • Release Date: 2017-09-28
  • Genre: Psychology
Score: 4.5
From 191 Ratings


'Astonishing ... an amazing book ... absolutely chocker full of things that we need to know' Chris Evans

'Matthew Walker is probably one of the most influential people on the planet' Evening Standard


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our life, health and longevity and yet it is increasingly neglected in twenty-first-century society, with devastating consequences: every major disease in the developed world - Alzheimer's, cancer, obesity, diabetes - has very strong causal links to deficient sleep.

In this book, the first of its kind written by a scientific expert, Professor Matthew Walker explores twenty years of cutting-edge research to solve the mystery of why sleep matters. Looking at creatures from across the animal kingdom as well as major human studies, Why We Sleep delves into everything from what really happens during REM sleep to how caffeine and alcohol affect sleep and why our sleep patterns change across a lifetime, transforming our appreciation of the extraordinary phenomenon that safeguards our existence.

'Startling, vital ... a life-raft' Guardian

'A top sleep scientist argues that sleep is more important for our health than diet or exercise' The Times

'Passionate, urgent . . . it had a powerful effect on me' Observer


  • Interesting

    By katephx
    Found this book really well written,interesting and eye opening. I have always been interested in sleep and dreams and I learned a lot from this book throughout and will be implementing the tips given in my sleepy life!
  • The perfect book for sleep

    By KarthikNandula
    Every question you’ve had for sleep is answered here and in a fantastically accessible and engaging way. One of the best books without a doubt.
  • Must read

    By Faizshah41
    Life changing! As a doctor myself, I know first hand the harmful effects on the mind and body 36hour shifts have. This book provides insight and goes into great depth on just how bad getting anything less than 8hours can be. A must read for everyone, I hope this book helps start a movement to prioritise sleep for the benefit of health, memory, productivity, creativity, and safety
  • Why we sleep

    By Dally Annie
    This is a book well worth reading but as an insomniac not that useful. I eventually feel cured but by understanding nutrition and danger foods and habits which stop sleep coming. Not sleeping is awful and quite a journey to try and fix especially without medication.
  • It’s a fantastic and highly informative book.

    By Sylwienqa
    There’s a lot of useful information about why we should value a good night sleep. The book includes plenty of experiments explaining the negative effects of insufficient sleep and hopefully that information will finally open people’s eyes and convince them to stop blindly believing they don’t need too much sleep. Highly recommend
  • An Eye Opener

    By  Jad
    Why We Sleep made me realise how important and impactful sleep is. It’s a really enjoyable and insightful read. I definitely recommend it! 💤
  • This is the best book I have ever read!

    By futuremedic2022
    THANKYOU Matthew for writing this truly illuminating, witty book - it is a must read!. As a medical student I should know better but unfortunatley since starting university my sleep has declined to an measly 6 hours average and my concentration, focus and memory have all gravely suffered as a result - this book has completely changed the way I view sleep and from now on I will be absolutely prioritising my sleep - NO EXCUSES! This should be taught in all medical schools as it absolutely has the ability to change the health of nations.
  • Such an insightful book

    By Dafmeuk
    Since reading this, I have been on a personal mission to improve my sleep, and have been preaching to friends, family and colleagues about the benefits of good sleep. The information presented in this book is overwhelmingly persuasive and I’m sure any sensible person who reads and thinks about the content for themselves will definitely reassess their attitude to sleep for the better.
  • Why we sleep

    By 2ghosts
    An extremely thorough and simplistic illuminating practical study of such a fundamental basic human function yet so simple to apply! John Coxon
  • This book is a wake up call for us all...

    By Alcock65
    The biggest secrets are often hidden in plain view and we must thank the author for pointing out the amazing benefits of the gift of sleep. Its an easy to understand and highly factual work that will change the way you approach your life and even save it. After reading the book you will find it absurd that people, institutions, society in general and even medical professionals are missing such a fundamental and obvious point. Don’t be one of them!