No Way Out - Cara Hunter

No Way Out

By Cara Hunter

  • Release Date: 2019-03-22
  • Genre: Crime & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 663 Ratings



One of the Sunday Times best 100 novels since 1945
One of the Sunday Times Best Crime Fiction of 2019

'Cara Hunter's No Way Out [confirms] her place in the front rank of British crime writers' SUNDAY TIMES

'A real gripper of a read' PETER JAMES

It's one of the most disturbing cases DI Fawley has ever worked.

The Christmas holidays, and two children have just been pulled from the wreckage of their burning home in North Oxford. The toddler is dead, and his brother is soon fighting for his life.

Why were they left in the house alone? Where is their mother, and why is their father not answering his phone?

Then new evidence is discovered, and DI Fawley's worst nightmare comes true.

Because this fire wasn't an accident. It was murder.

And the killer is still out there...


'Gripping' IAN RANKIN

'Your next riveting, twisty read!' SHARI LAPENA, author of The Couple Next Door

'Cara Hunter is the new queen of the cliffhanger' JOHN MARRS, author of The One

'Cancel everything. You're not going anywhere until you finish this' EMILY KOCH, author of If I Die Before I Wake

'I was hooked from beginning to end' CLAIRE DOUGLAS, author of Local Girl Missing

'The new DI Fawley novel is the best yet - and that's saying something!' SIMON LELIC, author of The House

'I LOVED No Way Out. My heart was in my mouth the entire second half' SARAH J. NAUGHTON, author of Tattle Tale

'A cracking detective novel that pulsates with authenticity' MICHELLE FRANCIS, author of The Girlfriend



'What an incredible talent Cara is! WOW!!! I honestly can't rate this book highly enough. Best book EVER'*****

'DI Fawley must now be one of my favourite detectives. Praise for Cara Hunter, she's done it again!'*****

'Absolutely gripping literally from the first page until the last. This is a must read if there ever was one!'*****

'Cara is one of the best crime thriller writers around today.' *****
'Yet another gripping and heart-wrenching read. Cara Hunter is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and I can't wait for her next book!' *****

'Fantastic book! Made to be devoured by the reader!' *****

'If you haven't read this series then you are MISSING OUT!!' *****

'Such an engrossing story that it never lets up - there is even a twisty turn on the last page!' *****

'I simply couldn't put it down.' *****


  • Another brilliant read!

    By Beccajade
    Cannot put these books down. Started with book one and I am addicted!!! Please please write more!!!
  • A good read

    By Livingwithaspringer
    The book is a quick and easy read. The story is satisfying, with enough possibilities to keep you guessing until the end. It is a mixture of us being taken through the police investigation of the crime and us being drip fed what actually happened in the months, days, hours and minutes leading up to the crime. I do like the way we occasionally learn what the police and the public know through newspaper articles, telephone conversation transcripts, emails and the like. These are never too long and add variety to the read. I dislike the use of the present tense which has become so fashionable in books today. Much of the book was written in the present tense, even the parts set in the past. This is the main negative for me. I know some people dislike other gimmicks used by authors nowadays. As mentioned, it is partly set in the present as the investigation unfolds and is interspersed with sections set in the past. The book is written partly in the first person and partly in the third person. At first I found it was confusing as I struggled to remember who the ‘I’ was. It’s a shame that so many gimmicks were unnecessarily, in my opinion, thrown at this book as it was otherwise a good read. Despite this I would recommend it.
  • Brilliant

    By Sophuslfc
    I have read all three books in the series and have loved everyone! Can not wait for the fourth.
  • Gripping

    By Lottie:)8
    I loved this book, as I have the other 2 in the series. Lots of twists and turns. Very sad subject matter but written so sensitivity. Keeps you guessing right until the end. If you like psychological thrillers then this is a must read.
  • Excellent Oxford-based thriller

    By Hera era
    This is a taut, well-told tale which had me glued to it from start to finish, as all good thrillers should. Just one thing really annoyed me: as any resident of Oxford knows, we always refer to our main hospital, the world-famous John Radcliffe, as the ‘JR’, not, as throughout this novel,as the ‘John Rad’. The author is evidently not a resident of Oxford.
  • Traumatic!

    By Cp133cp
    Dont read if you have children. The end is devastating and didnt need to take that perspective. Ended up in tears and didnt read after.
  • Cancel your plans!

    By Madeleine1101
    I had to plan ahead and read this in the holidays when I don’t have to get up for work. Because all of Cara Hunters books are so good that I cannot stop reading, and end up gripped until the early hours when my eyes fail me and I have to give in to sleep. I’ve read all three and can’t wait for the next...
  • No Way Out

    By other_fiona
    This series just gets better an better