The Mister - E L James

The Mister

By E L James

  • Release Date: 2019-04-16
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 974 Ratings


'Packed with passion ... a love story full of charm, music and soul-mates ... a classic E L James combo of the sweet and erotic with the perfect ending for romantics. I think it’s her best by far!' - Milly Johnson, The Sun
The thrilling new romance from E L James, author of the phenomenal #1 bestselling Fifty Shades trilogy

London, 2019. Life has been easy for Maxim Trevelyan. With his good looks, aristocratic connections, and money, he’s never had to work and he’s rarely slept alone. But all that changes when tragedy strikes and Maxim inherits his family’s noble title, wealth, and estates, and all the responsibility that entails. It’s a role he’s not prepared for and one that he struggles to face.

But his biggest challenge is fighting his desire for an unexpected, enigmatic young woman who’s recently arrived in England, possessing little more than a dangerous and troublesome past. Reticent, beautiful, and musically gifted, she’s an alluring mystery, and Maxim’s longing for her deepens into a passion that he’s never experienced and dares not name. Just who is Alessia Demachi? Can Maxim protect her from the malevolence that threatens her? And what will she do when she learns that he’s been hiding secrets of his own?

From the heart of London through wild, rural Cornwall to the bleak, forbidding beauty of the Balkans, The Mister is a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire that leaves the reader breathless to the very last page.


  • Biribg

    By Gafspa
    Really disappointing, I tried and tried but ended up giving up and not finishing.
  • Not good

    By trehufjfj
    Struggled to get through this, not worth bothering with.
  • Outstanding

    By Mama nico
    No other words to describe , I laughed , I cried and lost sleep as I couldn’t put the book down ! Well done ! Please present Us with see more , soon!
  • 5 star

    By missDube
    Easy five star! I’m not much of a reader of romantic novels but I enjoyed this one! Highly recommended for people who enjoy this kind of genre
  • Ending is terrible!

    By Wee Titchy
    The author can not call herself a hopeless romantic, neither can you say this would satisfy a romantic, how can you end a book so abruptly? There was barely an ending, I half expected a follow up but nope! Nothing! Where is the happy ever after? You spent more time repeating the same stuff and could have given this book the ending it deserved. Very dissatisfied
  • Amazing story

    By Chrislondonse
    This got to be one of my favourite book so far! Very addictive, could not put it down! Very well written! A must read!!
  • Unfortunately Similar

    By kallitheking
    It seems that her literary ability can only extend so far as the Grey trilogy. This was uncannily similar, almost as if pieces of the “Grey” characters were reused to create a less compelling story. The piano playing, photography, economic disparity, themes of a violent past, even the language and nuances... all recycled.
  • Very good read x

    By sonata1234
    Couldn’t put the book down until the end! Can’t wait for the book..
  • Boring, big disappointment

    By Lovejok2
    They say never repeat a master-piece because the second attempt will never be as successful and this is certainly the case. The plot is implausible to an extreme and the richness of characters found wanting in comparison to other books by the Author. This book feels too rushed and pressuried no doubt by publishers wanting to “cash” in another instalement from E L James.
  • It’s like a 50 shades spin off...

    By Vicky0212
    I enjoyed reading this book but it’s practically 50 shades with different character names and based in England. Even down to some of the quotes used by the characters and the scenes...I enjoyed it but it by no means gripped me.