Tortured - Victoria Spry


By Victoria Spry

  • Release Date: 2015-04-09
  • Genre: Biography
Score: 5
From 125 Ratings


As a child, Victoria Spry was brutally beaten, neglected and starved by the woman she called Mummy.

To the outside world Eunice Spry was a devoted parent, but behind closed doors she was an evil tyrant. Instead of protecting, loving and caring for Victoria, she forced bleach and urine down her throat, knocked out her teeth, tied her up naked and made her live in squalor. It took eighteen years of heartache and despair before she found the courage to expose her mum.

Tortured is Victoria’s gripping story of survival.


  • Painfully brilliant

    By Katie6865
    Couldn’t put this down. So sad yet such a happy ending for a brilliant lady
  • Gut wrenching

    By kwiles18
    Absolute heartbreaking but what a brave and pure soul.
  • Hard hitting real life

    By GeneGena
    I bought this book to help me come to terms with my own childhood, where I was mentally and physically abused by my mother and I would often refer to her as 'Eunice'. However upon reading this book, I realise my own childhood was idyllic in comparison. The chapter describing the RTA was so hard hitting, I wondered if I could carry on... Such a painful account of an almost unbelievable existence. I am battling my way through the book whilst reliving the horrors in my life. I have Child C by Christopher Spry to read and I'm not really looking forward to it. I will also buy the book by Alloma Gilbert to read her account of this traumatic chunk of their lives. After then I shall quit reading this stuff but I feel a 'need' to read accounts of the other children involved. It's inconceivable that Eunice got such a short sentence. She inflicted a life sentence on the children which she was supposedly 'saving'. Much love to Victoria, Christopher and Alloma xxx
  • Wow!!!

    By Siera134
    What a life story!! And what a scum of the earth excuse for a mother she had. What an absolute deceitful, vulgar, repulsive, ignorant waste of Space, waste of oxygen Eunice Spry is. I can't believe they let her out of prison, I can believe even less that some of the women who were in prison with her didn't do a good number on her. I hope she had nightmares and sleepless nights in that prison, I hope her soul was haunted by pure fear of what the other inmates might do to her if they knew the reason for her imprisonment and I hope she has a long and lonely life with no comforts as someone like her does not deserve even so much as a kind word!! Good luck for your future Torrie, life can only get better after all you have overcome and triumphed over. You have proved to the world that you are a beautiful person both inside and out and now have proof that you are worthy of love from those around you. That individual who held you back and attempted (unsuccessfully) to ruin your life, I would not spit on if she were next to me on fire right now, and I regard her as an ugly evil old witch and hopeno one will ever care for her until the day she dies. Torrie, I wish you health, wealth and happiness. Eunice, you ugly old trout, I wish you a long lonely life!
  • An amazingly well written but harrowing read.

    By Zoeruss
    Thank you Victoria for sharing your story, as harrowing as it was to read. You're amazing strength of character and will to beat the demons that the monster that called herself your mother instilled in such a manipulative and evil way is commendable, how you survived I do not know but I'm glad you did and now your story will hopefully help authorities recognise where they are going wrong!
  • Totally amazing girl...

    By Jazzajump
    My heart goes out to you, your story is one of the saddest I have ever read. I wish you every happiness as you sound like an amazing beautiful person. Good luck xx